Professional Development and My Career

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Like all young people at the time, I had part-time jobs in my teens but my first permanent job was in the UK public service. In those days, I remember as a clerk being given a job of preparing an acknowledgement letter which I felt was a very simple task and well within my capabilities. […]

Continuous Improvement

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In my previous blog, I spoke about Change Management and of course Continuous Improvement is one of the reasons for change. This month’s blog goes more into my experience and thoughts on Continuous Improvement (CI). As a rule, organisations, both large and small, as part of their business plan should include timelines and strategies to […]

Change Management

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In entering another year in my life, I am reminded that everyone at some stage, approaches change in their lives and their careers. My career has spanned 45 years so far and what a journey it has been. I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to build on my skills and knowledge and […]

Administrative Assistance Virtually

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New Year Resolutions for some can be daunting but for me I try to limit it to three things to achieve. Whether these achievements are in my professional life or personal, at the end of the day they impact on both anyway. • My first this year is to learn something new as part of […]

My Passion for Proof Reading

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Do you, like me, get cross when reading adverts on the TV or reading newspapers or magazines and there are stand out typos or spelling errors that hit you in the face! My sensibilities seem to be attacked when this happens. I know you are saying life is too short to worry about such things […]