Change Management

In entering another year in my life, I am reminded that everyone at some stage, approaches change in their lives and their careers. My career has spanned 45 years so far and what a journey it has been. I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to build on my skills and knowledge and happily am still doing so.

One of the Units in the Diploma of Business Front line Management I completed with Darwin HR and Computer Academy in Darwin some time ago, was about Facilitating and Capitalising on Change and Innovation”. This was an interesting Unit for me because at the time, I did not realise just how often I had practised change management in my career until studying for the Diploma. I am sure you will agree that you have been put in a position by your employer to consider changing with the organisation as they change for whatever reason. It might be because the company is expanding, it might be because they are downsizing or just changing to suit the evolving community needs to be more relevant and therefore changing their image to suit the demographic perhaps.

During this study period, I happened to be on a plane interstate and normally listened to music on the radio but on this occasion in flicking, found an interview on the business channel with the head of Sony BMG. Incredibly, he was referring to the change that Sony had to make because of the changing world of music, particularly related to consumers (mostly young people) going on line to download music. Therefore, they saw the need in the electronic world to diversify. In their research, they noted that consumers are far more aware these days and set the pace as they tend to be great trendsetters. Sony developed great relationships built on trust as part of their ‘change’ strategy involving their staff who also went on this new journey with them and continue to do so. They said they had to take a risk that this was the right direction but their motto/slogan then was that “There are no Tail Lights to Follow anymore”. (Radio, 2007).

My recent employment with a serving Minister was ended after four years when the people of the Territory voted the Government, my employer, out. Although disappointing, this is a great democratic process and I value the opportunity to have a vote in Australia as some countries do not have this luxury. I had an amazing opportunity for growth working for a Minister and learning about the Parliamentary processes and witnessing legislative changes for the benefit of the people of the Territory, our home for over 30 years.
So for me (as for all my colleagues) change occurred once more and the Government supported their staff through change management strategies. However, I had seen it as a stepping stone to another phase in my life and career. I believe it is the right time for me to build on the clientele of my home-based business (using increased knowledge and skills to support people wherever they are in Australia) and at the same time enjoying the benefits of being with our grandchildren to watch them grow.

Wishing my clients and former colleagues a Happy New Year and may 2017 be a great year of challenges, change and increased knowledge and experiences