My passion for Proofreading

Do you, like me, get cross when reading adverts on the TV, reading newspapers or magazines or reports on websites and there are stand out typos or spelling errors that hit you in the face? My sensibilities are attacked when this happens.

I know you are saying life is too short to worry about such things and you are probably right. However, I was taught that the written word can be a powerful thing and if not expressed correctly can alter the way you perceive the message.

What about that community group who are desperately trying to convey a message about an important event? Maybe some details are inaccurate and because someone has not taken the time to edit a proof, some important work being carried out by that organisation could be impacted.

Or what about a business that is promoting a sale but someone has not checked the details of the venue? This can undo all the good work of their business and customers are likely to go elsewhere.

All these examples are commonplace and all too often can affect your perception of the message. I, for one get distracted if there are errors and cannot complete the story or message without in my mind or on paper, fixing up the errors.

I love the English language and all its complexities and enjoy the art of proof reading. My former colleagues said I had the ‘eagle eye’ which is quite a compliment from skilled professionals.

So, to all you Editors, Executives and non-profit organisations, consider giving me a ‘fix’ and send me your proofs for checking. This is one of the many skills I can offer virtually to you, through my business Virtually Linda.